The Way Out Office


Design Systems Ltd. designed an industrial like office in Hong Kong with a total floor area of 300 square meter.

Here is the project description:

Clients help us to understand their customers, competitors, originations, and marketplace; in turn, we try to emphasize their distinctiveness by creating meaningful, aesthetically pleasing, and enduring design solutions.

This office is located in Hong Kong with a total floor area of 300 sqm.

As service provider, the client’s specialty is to provide consultancy services and equipment on carrying out underground utility detection, fault finding and survey methodology. This is a very unique business focuses on locating problems of the underground utilities in the Civil and Building Industry, and we hope the interior design can reflect their company’s mission, in a more subtle manner, that is: to help their clients to solve problems by providing creative solutions on.

The whole story started with the main entrance, which was designed with a light ribbon around the door frame, symbolizing the light leads you to the solution.

The entrance linked to an elongated corridor which served as a transitional space to the meeting rooms and working area. Sunlight washes the both ends of the corridor, creates a sense of direction to the inner space. Contrast to the dimmed entrance lobby, the working area was designed to be very bright and calm in ambience. This is a design metaphor which indicating an alluring prospect after solving the problems with the support of this company.

All partitions, working desks and light fittings were custom-designed for this project. The profile of the partitions and the light reflector were developed from the corrugated metal sheet that commonly used in construction business in order to give a hint of the company’s business nature. These special elements were designed to suit different purposes: the partitions were constructed to be solid, semi-transparent and see-through to fulfill different degree of privacy required; and the zigzag shaped light reflector generates a more even and comfortable illumination on the worktops. With this special attention to the details, we hope to create a sense of discovery to the visitors and users, thus at the same time to reflect the professionalism of the company delivered.









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