TNT Postal Stores by Merkx + Girod

Merkx + Girod have designed new postal stores for Dutch logistic company TNT.

In the new design the service desks in the center of the shop, rather than behind counters, and logistics that would normally be hidden away are visible to customers.

The store also incorporate self-service machines in black units around the edge where customers can weight, stamp and post their own mail. Customers can also design their own stamps and send digital postcards.

All the photos are from the TNT Postal Store in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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2 thoughts on “TNT Postal Stores by Merkx + Girod

  1. I would like to have this postal store near me. Very handy. The orange and black really pop and make it look good, and you can’t go wrong with that white.

  2. Involved time for you to understand every one of the comments, yet I in fact liked the article. That become beneficial to me along with I’m good to all from the commenters below!

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