Viktor & Rolf Store

The Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf, opened in 2005 a store in milan with an upside-down decor that has oak parquet on the ceiling and chandeliers sprouting out of the floor.

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26 thoughts on “Viktor & Rolf Store

  1. It’s amazing…..let us have different thought for spaces,as our life also became upside down…

  2. with all the talk about saving the planet and sustainable building, it’s good to know architects are still having a little fun with things.

  3. If I was a constumer.. i would not come in… its a great idea but not the best for a shop I think…

  4. wow i love this designe this is my dreams when i was kid.and always i said my family but every body think im crazy.and now im happy .because now i can say this is the best designe and i can show the picture to every body .

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