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Curious DA designed the interior and facade for Visit Scotland in the historic city of St. Andrews, Scotland.

Here is the project description:

Curious DA was commissioned to design the interior and facade of a heritage building in the historic town of St Andrews for Visit Scotland. Design and fit-out was completed for all public areas and included large scale internal graphics and exterior signage.

The clients brief was to refurbish the dated interior and exterior of the building and bring the newly created Visit Scotland brand to life. Utilsing extensive research into what visitors to Scotland would expect from a modern information centre service
Curious DA developed a new signature design style which was tested across a range of user groups, dubbed ‘Iconic Scotland’.

The intent behind the design was to create a modern, progressive design that would bring Visit Scotland up to date yet never losing any of the elements that tourists associate with Scottishness.










Photos by Ross Mcnally Photographer, Glasgow, Uk.

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2 thoughts on “Visit Scotland Information Center

  1. An interesting design for an information center. It provides the visitors an open, refreshing and inviting atmosphere that encourages people to visit.

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