WakuWaku Hamburg by ippolito fleitz group


The WakuWaku Restaurant, designed by ippolito fleitz group, is located in Hamburg’s city center.

The long, narrow space stretches back almost 17 meters has a glass roof in the rear half that admits daylight. The space is divided into two main zones: the dinning area and the service area with an order counter, kitchen and take-away area as one unit/box painted in a strong shade of violet, WakuWaku‘s corporate color.

On entering the restaurant, the customer has to place his order and will receive a wooden spoon with a 50 cm handle painted in WakuWaku violet with the order number.

The dining area makes a sweeping statement thanks to a floor-to-ceiling wooden bench that runs the entire length of the room. The bench wall forms powerful architectural statement, that draws you into the depths of the space, and serves as gallery for artist Monica Trenkler.







Photos by Zooey Braun


Via yatzer

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