City Lounge by Carlos Martinez

City Lounge is an outdoor space in the center of St. Gallen, Switzerland, that has been designed by Carlos Martinez in collaboration with Pipilotti Rist, as a result of a design competition to create a public living room.

A red carpet flows all around the buildings, recreating places to relax, places to converse, places to park, fountains, even fake cars you can climb on.

It’s an amazing project that brings life to the city.

Photos by Thomas Mayer

Via Judit Bellostes

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49 thoughts on “City Lounge by Carlos Martinez

  1. Hi,

    I wish that here in Lisbon they would think more about leisure spaces for people.
    And ones that would look good like these.
    Of course that it’s also a matter of people’s education in terms of living in society.

  2. How do they keep it clean, especially after it rains?
    It looks good now, but I have a feeling in a few years it will look dirty unless they have a crew that cleans it often.

  3. This is seriously cool! I wonder if this intimidates car parking…maybe this helps to decongest center town traffic? Really like the concept, bravo.

  4. What if it rains?how can they keep it clean,its bound to get dirty the more people go there.they must have a cleaning crew.

  5. Oh stop it! It’s a good thing, interesting, colourful, tactile. I love it’s inside out idea. So it may need cleaning, who and what doesn’t? And if it looks shabby in a few years, well time for a change anyway. This kind of thing enriches life, delights young and old, what is better than a accessable and useable piece of art!? Oh and RED is also the colour of passion and love!

  6. once “lotus” technology comes along, there will be many self-clean applications in public (and private) spaces. That should help aspiring artists to be even more inventive.

  7. we don`t get stuff like this in Canada. we just get tim hortons, `power centres` and wal-marts.

  8. This would be fantastic in London 🙂

    Last time they tried something like this here, they put grass on Trafalgar Square. Too bad they took it away after like 3 days…

  9. Where are all the cigarette butts and spit ponds? Aren’t teenagers allowed in the area?

  10. Of course, it’s not really a carpet. The red material is actually a granulized rubber surface similar to that of a running track, and therefore does not have issues with the rain or dirt.

  11. tacky, i quite hate it… to the person who said they want that in canada- no thanks- i like parks, grass and trees alot more the red everywhere!

  12. Robyn, other than the power centres and outlet malls, all we have in Canada is open parkland. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some heterogeneity, especially in our urban areas? Considering the size of the urban parcel used for the Stadtlounge in Sankt Gallen, it’s a pretty effective and intensive use of space… which is a nice contrast to the unoccupied boulevards (with trees) that typify urban Canada.

  13. honestly.. this design is truly a work of art.. im a interior architect student, this truly inspired my design.. solid grade man. GENIUS

  14. well
    maybe it’s really interesting, but do you think having some problems if people look the red everywhere?

  15. It’s really cool…I have been seen that red carpet at some book…If I have a chance, I want to walk there!

  16. That’s a bela intervention city planning. But we have to imagine in case that um carp , as a is done the keep he might give student desk. The contrast with the arquitetura of the prdos lathe something most interesting and as of decent flavor. In particular I find as the atmospheres urban I needed even as of breadths of integrating and recreation.

  17. Wow, that is an amazing design. I do have to agree with someone elses comment – I wodner what they do when it rains? A s aprent, I also wonder what they do with messy kids?

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