Microcostas by Vicente Guallart

Microcostas, designed by spanish architect Vicente Guallart, is a series of man made islands located in VinarĂ³s, Spain.

These geometric wood islands allow people to experience a part of the coast that usually would not be accessible due to its rough surfaces, therefore extending the coastline.

The islands allow users to sunbathe, read and relax.

Via Judit Bellostes

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11 thoughts on “Microcostas by Vicente Guallart

  1. As we all know the tough considition along the coast, is it really durable and usable? How about the relationship with tide? Even some devices are remarkable architecture works, it does not mean that architecture is purely performance art.

  2. you get a type of wood called balboa wood. It is so hard you do not need to treat, that with be able to last a few years before it looks terrible. but i get your point… architects need to be more practical sometimes. although pretty has never hurt anyone… that is what destinguishes design from ordinary.

  3. I think it’s a great idea. It gives accessibility to an otherwise unusable area of coast while creating a visual landmark. what can be wrong with that?

  4. I think that these would be even more cool if they were anchored and as the tide came in they started to float (albeit in only a few inches/ feet of water) – or maybe they already do that. I think it is a great concept. Again- thanks for sharing

  5. Me parece una idea preciosa y valida, pues aporta un mobiliario completamente vinculado a la naturaleza. Me encanta que se pueda estar en un espacio, al que principalmente se podia contemplar.

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