Your Guide to Wood Flooring


Interior designers often look at various ways to make use of space and natural materials. Wood is often a top consideration for furniture, and lately more and more as a consideration for flooring. The ability of wood flooring to create instant warmth, to make any space welcoming and to suit many design styles, makes it popular amongst many interior designers.

If you are new to wood flooring, here is a handy guide to talk you through and various options together with high quality images of each option. Enjoy!

What is Wood Flooring Made From?

Despite common belief, wood flooring is not necessarily made from wood alone. In its traditional classic consumption, wood flooring is made from 100% wood and is referred to as solid wood flooring. This type of wood flooring would have been enough, if not for its tendency to shrink and expand due to temperatures changes. Interior designers asked for a wood floor which looks the same, but is immune to the natural property of wood to expand or shrink. The result is a new type of wood flooring called engineered wood flooring which is made from wood as well as plywood, hardwood veneer.

So why is solid wood flooring still sold? Many people believe that solid wood is stronger so when designers are looking to add strength to a properly and temperature changes are not an issue, solid flooring wins.

Solid wood flooring – made from 100% and still very popular due to its strength.

Solid Oak


Engineered wood floors – made from wood, plywood and hardwood veneer, a combination which allows the floor to cope with temperature changes. Looks precisely like solid wood flooring.

Enrineered Brown Oak Flooring

Wood Species Explained:

The most popular and widely available wood species are Oak and Walnut. For any wood species to become suitable for flooring, it has to boost such properties as durability, strength and affordability. In terms of design, the wood species needs to have attractive grain markings which is the natural circular patterns on the wood’s surface. Both Oak and Walnut tick all the right boxes. 

Walnut Flooring

Oak Flooring

Wood Coatings Explained:

It does not matter if you bought solid, engineered, oak or walnut floors, they all require a top layer to protect the floor from minor damage and to give it that unique look. There are two types of coating, those which are designed to prolong the lifespan of the floor and those which are designed to colour match the floor to your interior design style as you can see below. While the wood species has a say in the color of the floor, it is possible nowadays to color the floor to almost any color. 

Red Oak Coating


Chocolate Oak Coating


Sand Oak Coating


Sunny Oak Coating


Light Oak Coating

Enjoy your new floor.

Your guide to wood flooring written by the team at Wood and Beyond. UK based vendor offering interior designers bespoke flooring solution, from solid wood flooring to engineered wood flooring.

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