Interview with Ole Bouman

Interview with Ole Bouman, director of the Netherlands Architecture Institute / NAI, where he explains the concept and vision behind the Dutch presentation during the Biennale 2010 in Venice.

Via Studio Banana TV

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One thought on “Interview with Ole Bouman

  1. wow, this year’s Netherland’s pavilion rocked at the venice biennale and I think they came up with great input. There’s something simillar at where the aim of the project is to explore and predict the impact of political, economic and social changes taking place after 1989. Common aspects for these countries are: a rapid withdrawal of political control in the management of urban development, the explosion of private initiatives, urban and architectural spontaneity based on informal development and the dissolution of communities, and on the other hand, unexpected energies and potential, an enthusiasm for the free market, access to resources and information, free movement.

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