Contemporary Urban Villa Design with Green and Clean Space Layouts

These existing urban villa designs were located in suburban space. The layouts of this villa was looking as same as a home. The common modern urban home included with the appearance application of the home as the living space. Here, we will not discuss about the home look of this villa but the appearance and the best side of this villas. The contemporary living room villa ideas of this villa were filling out with the low design of the sofa set furniture. Actually, the contemporary look of this living space was come from the appearance of the sofa set and the interior plans of this space. Furthermore, these green and clean kitchen space layouts of this villa were indicate the charity or donation for our earth. This space was completed with the green plants in the middle of kitchen table and the minimalist us of lighting. Both of these private rooms, the fresh bathroom design imaginations and super comfy bedroom furnishing plans indicate the simple and humble character of the user. We can add several private stuff such us our personal collection. The urban style was similar with effective and simple application. Those inspirations were available in these smart kitchen and laundry room combination.[via]

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