Handsome Glass Lighting Fixtures Designs

The unique lighting fixtures ideas in this glass lamp were can be seen through the stripe line of the white line that covers almost the whole space of the glass lamp. This stripe line was waving style and gives a unique shade for our home space. If we were use white lamp, it will look dark and if we were use other color lamp it will escort the color of that lamp. That was so amazing and gives attractive look for our home space. This handsome ceiling pendant lamp was suitable for our dining room since it was use the cone design inspiration and brings a new identical design of home lamp system. If we want to place this lamp for other room, the thing that we have to do was make sure the size and high of the room. This lamp was suitable for high size room and medium large size. Since the cone design of this lamp can embrace for all of the room space, it will be easy for us to apply this lamp for other room in our home. As the real inspiring lighting fixtures inspiration for this lamp series, here we come; the glossy glass lamp designs.[via]


Handsome Glass Lighting Fixtures Designs01 Handsome Glass Lighting Fixtures Designs02 Handsome Glass Lighting Fixtures Designs03

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