CoolBoom v.4 Survey Results

Here are the results of the survey you took. First I want to thank all of you who took the time to take the survey. We really wanted you to be part of CoolBoom.

As you already know, the general look will maintain the same. We want you to enjoy more of CoolBoom so we are going to stick with the photo layout but make them all bigger.

Also, we are going to start including some products from time to time like at the beginning, but only if they are really worth it. And we will include a poll to see if you agree.

We really enjoy a beautiful, well designed interior… and so do most of you. This means we will try to include more inspirational interiors with great solutions.

At the moment we will not include advice and design solutions for readers, even though most of you seem to like this kind of post. We would like to include it in the future.

And from time to time we will include a great photography in the weekend links.

Here are the results:

Every post starts with a photo. How about a bigger photo?
Great idea. The bigger the better. 63%  
I like it the way it is. 36%  
And instead of more photos after the text, a gallery of photos that PopUp / LightBox when you click on them?
Great, this way they can also be bigger photos. 46%  
I prefer more photos after the text. 53%  
Would you like the posts to be more casual, less serious?
Yes, I really enjoy an honest opinion. 47%  
No, I prefer to read the facts / information provided by the designer. 52%  
At the beginning of CoolBoom we used to post products. Would you like us to include them again?
Yes, I want to know what is new on the market. 23%  
Yes, but only some special / distincive pieces. 55%  
No, I’m not interested in it. 21%  
What about including a poll on the new products so you can vote if its Love it or Leave it?
Yes, Love it or Leave it are really fun. 51%  
No, I am not into polls. 48%  
Would you like more interiors because of its decoration? And not just because of its spatial / material solution?
Yes, I love to get inspired with beautiful interiors. 31%  
Yes, but not only for its decoration. 37%  
No, I am not interested in decoration. 31%  
Should we include decoration advice and design solutions for readers?
Yes, some tips from time to time would be great. 36%  
Yes, specially the design solutions. 28%  
No, I am not a big fan of it. 35%  
Everyone loves a good photography. Would you like us to include some beautiful photos, not necessarily architecture / interior design related?
Of course, I love photography. 35%  
Yes, but only for the weekends. 31%  
No, photography is very personal. 32%  

That’s it! We hope you like the results and are excited for the new CoolBoom v.4

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