Dear other architects,

This is a unique open letter from Charles Holland, director at FAT Architecture, where he asks other architects to please stop entering design competitions.

Here are 3 of the 10 reasons why they should stop entering design competitions:

1. It’s massively wasteful of your time and resources. Can you think of another comparable industry, or, more pertinently, profession, that spends so much time and money on bidding for work? Do doctors undertake a number of unpaid, speculative operations in order to convince people that they really need a hip replacement? No.

2. It gives away your main asset – your ideas – for free. After that, the rest is routine.

3. You are highly unlikely to win. This is just a fact. Some are better at them than others but no one wins them all and most lose often.

And the hilarious (and inspiring) conclusion:

So, if you’re thinking of entering a competition, don’t! Take your office down the pub instead. It will be more fun and cost a lot less. You might even meet someone down there who wants to give you a job.

Read the entire open letter.

Via ArchDaily

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