Homework for the Weekend

For this weekend we have something special… A survey!

CoolBoom v.4 is on the way and that means changes! The general look will maintain the same, just some little chances here and there to update the blog. The most important chances are the ones we are asking you.

So please take the survey and become an important part of the new CoolBoom!

UPDATE The final votes are in! You will see the results on September 14.

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4 thoughts on “Homework for the Weekend

  1. Hey, I voted for the lightbox thingy to be included but I wonder … What will happen with the photo’s in the rss feed? I mostly read your articles that way so …

  2. I appreciate the posts that have pictures and plans… thank you, keep on showing all the plans you can! It makes the building understandable and I can learn from it.

  3. I agree, the plans are cruical for more of the design/spatial layout. I also really appreciate text describing the area, and the clients.. Thank you for all you do.

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