Modern T House Design with Cheerful Kids Room Plan in Tel Aviv, Israel

Let’s see these modern T house construction pictures byMarc Topilsky, and feel how the modern construction can be smoothly combine with the simple decoration. The simple decoration can be seen from the front line look of this house that completed with the outdoor swimming pool décor. Other space from this house was the play ground for kids. This outdoor kids ground was completed with several kids toys that will help them to increase their ability in both kinesthetic and sport.

Furthermore, this outdoor was completed with the green hall way decor idea as the main gate for this house. Come inside to this house we will get a comfortable leather sofa furniture that fill living room space. The simple decoration from this space was completed with the huge flower painting as the wall unit decoration. Go on the second floor, we will see the cheerful kid’s room décor. This space was completed with kid’s toys and several dolls. Other space that located in this house was the bed room that use white interior design ideas for both decoration and furniture idea. This personal place was more comfortable since the whole stuff from this side was applying white color application. To shows natural side from this house, this house was using contemporary wooden decorating also in the first floor.

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