Vienna House of Music Competition


ArchMedium is organizing a new architecture competition for all architecture and related careers students to design a new building, the Vienna House of Music knowing the importance of Vienna’s past and future.

Description of the competition:

The House of Music is a new type of music school for Vienna that should be an
important link between past and present of the city.  The building will have to
resolve two separate programs, a music school / conservatory and a new public
space that is related to the park and the city.

The project seeks to link the music and nature through the architecture. The
Stadtpark is the chosen site, because it’s importance and because it’s
located in Vienna’s famous Ringstrasse. The project has the difficulty of being
close to the old town and in the middle of a park, at a time that is located
along a small canal and two major avenues.

Bases and more information at ArchMedium.

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