Xmas Giftlist 3


1. Scissor Paperknife made of scissors branch

2. City In A Bag Wooden blocks depict iconic symbols of New York. Other famous cities available such as Barcelona, Tokyo, Paris and London

3. Fuck The Rain Umbrella

4. Eames House Bird Figure of a black wooden bird

5. Emoticon Magnet Set

6. Bike Frame Bag Perfect for gloves, phone, sunglasses or even a sandwich

7. 6 Pack Wine Rack Made from wool felt, holds up to six standard wine bottles and collapses flat to store easily

8. Sticky Lamp This lamp has a self-adhesive fixing offering endless possibilities

9. Why Do Architects Wear Black? The book compile the sometimes amusing and other times programmatic or hair-splitting answers the author received over the last seven years why architects wear black

10. Clothespin Trash Can

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6 thoughts on “Xmas Giftlist 3

  1. I love that umbrella, there’s also a “oh shit it’s raining” umbrella floating around the market as well.
    My favourite is the bike bag – very traditionally trendy, looks timeless.

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