40 Bond Gate by Herzog & de Meuron


Herzog & de Meuron designed 40 Bond, a luxury residential project… Let’s forget about the expensive residences and comment on the incredible aluminum gate at street level.

With a graffiti-inspired form that twists and turns, the gate measures 55 meters high by 355 meters long… I just love it! Great design for everyone.



Photos by Iwan Baan

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13 thoughts on “40 Bond Gate by Herzog & de Meuron

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  2. Thought I’d like the gate, but upon visiting the building, I was severely disappointed. The gate/fence looks extremely out of place, especially considering the beautiful cobblestone street on which 40 Bond resides. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s just my opinion.

  3. i love the gate but it would have to fit in… its very extreme- and luxury residences arnt usually extreme..

  4. Design is a system and this gate (and fence) has nothing to do with the background, which is the building behind. It takes too much attention, where the problem was how to minimize the impact.

  5. the joinery of the gate segments–some sort of banal dovetailing–is completely out-of-character with the rest of the gate. ruins the whole thing, even if you get past its dissonance with the building itself.

  6. the idea of creating grafitti inspired elements as apart of a building in a urban environment is super great idea, but the fact that it doesn’t really relate to the building is kinda bleak, but hey we shouldn’t throw stones at the designers cos don’t we learn from mistakes or something???i say it’s cool, but it should of been better thought out…

  7. I completely agree with everyone on the integrity of design and this piece does not work on those levels. BUT I can’t help but appreciate the artistry that’s gone into this. If any advice to this designer, run far far away from the design field and go practice sculpture for arts sake– he’d be incredible.

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