MyBox by Martela

Inside Martela‘s Concept Collection we can find product ideas for which there was previously not a sufficient good product or no product at all.

MyBox combines two needs or wishes of customers: a smaller desk with mobility and the possibility to leave your personal documents out and just lower the desk screen as a cover and lock it up.

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5 thoughts on “MyBox by Martela

  1. awesome! the inside can be used for crafting (for supplies) and the outside – for a laptop (the opossite you have in the pic)

  2. Hello, I just found your site and I think it’s exciting. I wanted to share it, so I’ve featured it in today’s post on my blog. Hope this is ok with you!

    Best regards,

  3. Ingenious idea!! Thanks for sharing this. I go to Coolboom more often these days. I really am liking it.

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