Remarkably Impressive, Italian-Designed Infant Cradles + Trees Planted

Roll - Italian Designed Hanging Cradle (1)

To celebrate the presentation of our new cradles line, the hanging cradle “Roll” and “Pluma” the cradle that sticks to ground, we will donate and plant a tree (witch will bear the name of the child it’s intended for) for each cradle or cot purchased.

“There are three things a person ought to do during his life: plant a tree, have a child and write a book.” This phrase has different attributions, some times to the Cuban poet José Marti, some others to Federico Garcia Lorca.

It’s your job to write a book and have a baby; we will plant the tree…

This project is carried out in collaboration with, a Italian company that has developed a monitoring system for every planted tree. Basically, each tree is photographed and can be traced through GPS coordinates. You can see the picture of your tree, or go directly on the spot to have a look at it. Each tree is linked to a person and has its own web page where to follow its growth on

The trees are being planted in Senegal, Camerun, Argentina, Malawi and Haiti. All the projects are carried out individually by farmers and local cooperatives, and involve planting fruit trees, necessary to sustain their food self-sufficiency and help developing local micro-enterprises.

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The Products

Roll - Italian Designed Hanging Cradle (2)

“Roll” The hanging cradle

“Roll” the suspended cradle that swing and bounce, allowing your baby to sleep easier.
A birch shell holds a padded nest in pure wool felt for a child total comfort. Hanging up the cradle makes it swing not just in one direction, movements become soft and random, similar to the child’s movements inside it’s mother belly. Four strong cotton ropes join together in a central wood ring connected to a hook on the ceiling.The inside cradle can be pulled out and washed, and tomorrow may become an elegant magazine holder, while the birch shell, turned upside down will be an handy little table for the child’s room. Within it a cotton and biological spelt husks mattress to grant confort and transpiration, with a natural soothing and anti suffocating function.

Design: Laura & Valerio Vinaccia
Price: 540,00 € – including mattress, suspension system and VAT

Pluma Italian Designed Infant Cradle (1)

The “Pluma” cradle

Here’s the newest Pluma cradle, for those who like to stick to ground.. . A soft nest made out of pure, non treated, wool felt sewing by hand “saddler” style, supported by a light and strong solid wood structure. Within it a cotton and biological spelt husks mattress to grant confort and transpiration, with a natural soothing and anti suffocating function, for fantastic naps!

Design: Laura & Valerio Vinaccia
Price: 390,00 € – including mattress and VAT

Montessori Infant Floor Bed of Italian Design (2)

The Montessori floor bed

And after the cradle, when your baby grows, a playful cot, Montessori style, for total freedom. The child can easily climb on and off the cot, but the side edges will prevent possible night tumbles. Built in solid beech wood with mortised joints, and no glues, finished with hand applied traditional shellac and beeswax.

Design: Laura & Valerio Vinaccia
Price – small bed: 490,00 € – including

Price – large bed: 540,00 € – including VAT

More about Woodly, a startup on Parma hills

Woodly (2013), a new company for the production of green furniture, home accessories and wooden toys in a zero impact, sustainable fashion.

The sole fact we decided to set it in a place like Faviano, on the Parma hills, generates a series of actions and consequences that affects the various factors with results that are, I suppose, quite different from the ones we could have in a warehouse in any industrial area.

Our philosophy is to keep an high product quality level, giving to the word “quality” its most extensive meaning: ecological materials, energy conservation, long duration, non toxic glues and finishing, and great attention to every detail of the project.

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