Ghost Wallpaper

ROOMS intends to create inventive, catchy, playful, ironic, distinctive designs. They are not followers of any particular style, their designs come about though the situation, product and consumer-oriented design process which exists somewhere between the method and the magic.

During the ICFF NY and 100% London 2009 they presented some of their original products like the Ghost Wallpaper, the Dressed Chairs with TATA-NAKA, the Commode Upside-down and the TV Table Soviet, here featured.

Dressed Chairs with TATA-NAKA / Commode Upside-down / TV Table Soviet

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One thought on “ROOMS

  1. Great pieces for the people who would want to express themselves through interior design. The ghost wallpaper is pretty neat giving anyone’s room a blue-printy and eerie feel. The dressed chairs with TATA-NAKA, the commode upside-down and the TV Table Soviet can pimp any room and probably even make the main attraction of your pad.

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