The Panton Chair Turns 50!


The Panton Chair by Verner Panton celebrated the 50th anniversary in 2009 as it reached the half century mark, remaining faithful to its original design.

Lets explore the production history of the Panton Chair:

1959: the concept of Panton chair is born

1967 – 1968: Initial series production from cold-molded, fiber-glass reinforced polyester resin, painted in various colors. Manufacturer: Herman Miller / Vitra

1968 – 1971: Second series model made of polyurethane rigid foam, painted in various colors. Manufacturer: Herman Miller / Vitra

1971 – 1979: Third series model made of colored thermoplastic polystyrene (Luran S). The chairs made of this material can be identified by the ridges below the bend between the seating area and the base. Manufacturer: Vitra / Heman Millar (in the USA until 1975)

1979 – 1983: The Panton Chair is not in production.

1983 – present day: Second version of the chair made of painted polyurethane rigid foam. This series can be identified by Panton’s signature on the base. Manufacturer: from 1983 to 1990 Horn (on behalf of the WK Group) / since 1990 Vitra. Since 1999 this model has been marketed under the name Panton Chair Classic.

1999 – present day: Fourth series model made of colored polypropylene. Manufacturer: Vitra

2005 – present day: Panton Junior made of colored poly-propylene (a smaller version of the Panton Chair made to scale for children from the age of three).

Learn more about the Panton Chair at yatzer.

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