Weekend Links August 01

Existencialism in Design?

  • Gerry Judah created a Land Rover Sculpture were he attached Land Rovers to a 34 meter high steel framework.
  • Ad texture to your walls with the Iconic Panels.
  • Minimalist Doors with aluminum frames, nice veneer and invisible hinges.
  • School of Design will discover new British design talent and choose ten designers to live and work in Paris for two months with french designed Philippe Starck.
  • A Wall Like a Template that concentrates most of the necessary functions of the 18 square meter hotel room.
  • A beautiful Outdoor Shower that looks like a tree.
  • The creator of the film Helvetica is now presenting Objectified.
  • ChargerFrame is a devide that charges electrical devices in a wall-mounted frame.
  • A surreal Facade of Bathrooms.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Links August 01

  1. LOL! I beg to differ: Design has changed the world, is changing the world and will continue to change the world in more ways one.

  2. good design is still too expensive. when designers drop prices (it’s mass production anyways), only then will it effect lifes of common people!

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