Weekend Links August 01

Existencialism in Design?

  • Gerry Judah created a Land Rover Sculpture were he attached Land Rovers to a 34 meter high steel framework.
  • Ad texture to your walls with the Iconic Panels.
  • Minimalist Doors with aluminum frames, nice veneer and invisible hinges.
  • School of Design will discover new British design talent and choose ten designers to live and work in Paris for two months with french designed Philippe Starck.
  • A Wall Like a Template that concentrates most of the necessary functions of the 18 square meter hotel room.
  • A beautiful Outdoor Shower that looks like a tree.
  • The creator of the film Helvetica is now presenting Objectified.
  • ChargerFrame is a devide that charges electrical devices in a wall-mounted frame.
  • A surreal Facade of Bathrooms.

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